Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Once i ve been to Paris..

Notes on the photos:
Apples:This was not the best photographic image of the apples but i used this one anw cz i think it is more interesting the assocation with the text. Some may say it s expensive, some may say it s alright but everyone will say "well, this is Paris!".
Sunglasses: This was the display of a fancy (sun)glasses shop which i found their arrangement quite interesting.
Graffiti: The one thing that always intrigues me and i ll always look to photograph-especially in other countries- is street graffiti. It is an "undercover" statement of that country's culture and notion- what you object to is what possibly exists.
Portraits: The bnw portrait even tho is not 100% on focus i still find it an interesting composition with the alteration of the lights by the bnw setting
The coloured portrait i took it using another camera, Canon EOS

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