Thursday, 29 January 2009

Random sketches

Random sketches i happened to have on my laptop which i made through the begining of this academic year for different purposes..
(the weird looking-blue creature supposingly is redish but for some reason blogger uploads it as blue..?!)

Experimental lighteffect portraits

Last year's light experimental selfportrait

Photoshop experimental light effects
The last one rather more of a "picasso" inspired experiment with some colour as well

Leeds-Tropical World

Last year's photos: St. Patrick's Day a


Almost each photo is from one sub-category: children
and the first one is simply my favorite but uncategorized



going back to mine old-fashioned drawing style i developed
last year as i was trying to come up with a tattoo design and sort of "stuck" on me...
think i might do a project on these..
my fairy/butterflies along with my uni projects

most are sketch-y drawings and probably going to keep this mood just because personally i like it