Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Finally a Final!

Finally a Final!
The more i saw the previus ones the more i was not pleased with the result so i made one more small change and now it seems "final" to me (i put it in brackets because i cannot know if by tomorrow i'll decide that it needs more changes)

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Alice's Forbidden Forrest: sketch 1:coloured

I finished it today, tho at the end i rushed it cz i got reaally tired. After finishing it i wasn't quite pleased so i made other 2 colour variations. Well, sort of..i put them in an order so it looks as if the colour gets brighter where i actually worked vice versa. At the 1st attempt i found the colours too bright and not fanctioning well so i started slowly desaturating and diconstracting the image until it fitted a bit more.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Alice's Forbidden Forrest: sketch 1

I was planning on uploading the B&W and the coloured and make a comparison between the two of them, but since the coloured one takes so long to finish i decided to upload the B&W anw..

She found herself surrounded by many mushrooms. As she walked through them, a little voice called up to her.
“Where are you off to little fairy child? A pretty creature like yourself should not wander in such a place like this.”

Alice looked up. A big spider was sitting on a mushroom head,
Looking down at her
With a big smile that filled her whole head