Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Once i ve been to Paris..

Notes on the photos:
Apples:This was not the best photographic image of the apples but i used this one anw cz i think it is more interesting the assocation with the text. Some may say it s expensive, some may say it s alright but everyone will say "well, this is Paris!".
Sunglasses: This was the display of a fancy (sun)glasses shop which i found their arrangement quite interesting.
Graffiti: The one thing that always intrigues me and i ll always look to photograph-especially in other countries- is street graffiti. It is an "undercover" statement of that country's culture and notion- what you object to is what possibly exists.
Portraits: The bnw portrait even tho is not 100% on focus i still find it an interesting composition with the alteration of the lights by the bnw setting
The coloured portrait i took it using another camera, Canon EOS

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Greeting card

A small dummy of a greeting card i made as a break from the constant work on the children's book i m working on.
The printing results werent as satisfied as i wanted the colours to be vibrant than what was on paper..
It s a series of images which depicts the process of birth. A butterfly laids it s egg on the ground, a caterpillar is born, along with it murshooms start to show. The caterpillar turns to a cocoon, musrhooms getting bigger. Cocoon turns to a butterfly where it sits on the fully grown mushrooms.

these are the pics after turning them to CMYK and it was them when i realised the importance of working in the first place with those rather with RBG and then turn them to CMYK and their pallette differences.

Saturday, 11 April 2009


No i havent forgot my blogspot nor lazy and didnt upload anything for so long. Quite the opposite. I ve been so busy i couldnt find time to actually upload some of my work.
Well, these are the first 4 pages of Alice's Forbidden Forrest without the text. I ve already started contructing the bnw dummy with text etc and now i m doing the final colouration of the images.
I know that the drawings have their weacknesses such as the figure drawing and its consistency with its features and etc, but for now these are my limitations to this. I ve never drew children before therefore it was extremely difficult for me to understand the porpotions of their body and their face's characteristics in order to make them to look actually children and not adults with a small body. I did practise a lot but let's face it: i can't turn into a children's figures drawing expert in just a couple of weeks.
Anw..as i said, these are the first 4 coloured pages of the book without the text. Hopefully later today i will upload photos of my dummy as well.