Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Summer's Project: Sorry Grandma i Killed Your Cat

P.S. Sorry Grandma i Killed Your Cat is a self-appointed project i was working on during August. It was the result of previous (re)search on portraits of elderly people (i always found fascinating how wrinkles turn someone's face into a labyrinth of details and hidden stories) and the influences i had from a local animation festival during that month.
The concept of the project was to be sarcastic-funny about how younger generation is misbehaving towards elderly people.
I used the idea of the stereotypic imagery we have of elder grandmothers: neglected their biological family, they turn to their cats, the only creatures that keep them company.
P.S. Sorry Grandma i Killed Your Cat is the insensitive, cold and impersonal note left by the grandchild to inform its grandmother her loss.
The imagery of the project was focused mostly on the tragic character of the victim, the cat, who s also sort of used (by me) to show this of the grandchild to its grandmother. Interpreting it as in more simplistic/symbolism icon, its character still gives a rather dark, mortal impression. A few of the sketches i drew were to give the struggle of the cat to its last moments while ironically it can see the note left for the grandma. I played with a few surrealistic elements (tho the sketches themselves were not) and the little nameless creatures i created, which are those who tease the ones who are about to die as they are the only ones able to see them.
I named my blog after this project, because this specific one was a turnover of my drawing style and the materials i use. Since this project i find myself working more with details and the usage of black-n-white-with-another-colour contradiction.

Over the development of the project, i expanded it creating different, irrelevant to the subject characters n sketches which had the same drawing style and line. This created a link between the actual project and the work that was influence from it forming a chain of drawing-style related drawings-something i had not work before in such a scale.

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