Friday, 20 February 2009

Some more experimentation..

I finally decided that for my children's book story will be Alice's Forbidden forest. I thought of having as a drawing signature the trees with the element of haunted. So, i went into experimenting with different techinques and materials, mostly inks and photocopies, to creat the element of "haunted" and clistophobia and base on this the structure of the "forbiden forrest".
I must admit that i was more pleased with the rough experimentations rather than the "final" piece i produced. The roughts reserve the more sketch-y and detailed character and the wash ups just add to the drawing while the "final" feels sort of heavy, busy and the detail pattern i wanted to have as an element is almost lost because the image is so dark. Nevertheless, this was an experiment henceforth learn from it.
I focused more on actual material experimentation rather on photosho so here i includedd just the photoshop experiments which pretty much this is what they are- and there basically are jsut colouring experimentations.

Note: for some reason my pc doesnt upload correctly the images. i tried to change it but it s beyond my understanding, since when i open the image is with its proper colours. so the images belown are not quite excactly how they really look like their colours..

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